Enhancing Local Communities with Digital Screens: A Smart Investment for Local Governments

In today’s digital age, our towns and cities are undergoing a transformation, leveraging technology to improve communication, accessibility, and engagement. One of the most impactful innovations in urban environments is the installation of digital screens in town and city centres. These screens are not just modern additions; they serve as powerful tools that benefit both residents and visitors while offering significant advantages to local governments.

Real-Time Information and Event Updates

Imagine strolling through your city centre and instantly being informed about upcoming local events, festivals, or important announcements. Digital screens provide an efficient platform for local governments to share real-time information with the public. Whether it’s a community fair, road closures, or public safety alerts, these screens ensure that everyone is kept informed and connected instantly.

Signbox screens can be connected to a cloud CMS portal allowing for the content to be updated remotely, at the click of a button! Programme what the screen will display at certain times of day and update content instantly.

Wayfinding and Visitor Information

Navigating through unfamiliar city streets can be daunting for visitors. Digital screens equipped with interactive maps and touch-screen capabilities offer intuitive wayfinding solutions. From locating nearby attractions to finding public transportation options, these screens enhance the visitor experience, making it easier for people to explore and enjoy what the city has to offer.

At Signbox, we have over 38 years experience in designing and implementing complex wayfinding systems, so we can develop your city wayfinding plan with you and transfer this to your collection of digital screens seamlessly.

Interactive, 24/7 Access to Services

One of the greatest advantages of digital screens is their availability round the clock. They serve as information kiosks that provide access to essential services, local business directories, and emergency contact details at any time of day. Additionally, these screens can be used to collect valuable feedback through interactive surveys, allowing local governments to gauge public opinion and improve services accordingly.

Our range of digital screens feature the latest in touch-screen technology and provide the most responsive and sensitive touch experience available.

Versatility in Deployment

Digital screens are versatile and can be strategically placed in various high-traffic areas such as shopping malls, market squares, transportation hubs, and recreational spaces. This widespread deployment ensures maximum outreach and impact, benefiting both residents and tourists alike.

With a large selection of designs and sizes available, you can easily find a screen to suit your location. From large floor standing screens to smaller, security wall mounted screens, we’ll have something to suit your requirements.

Designed specifically for external use in high traffic areas, Signbox screens have many safety features including IK10 vandal proof rating, thermally toughened glass, anti-graffiti screens and secure, hidden bolt locations.

Commercial Benefits for Local Councils

Beyond their utility as informational and promotional tools, digital screens offer a unique revenue stream for local councils. By allocating advertising space to local businesses, councils can generate income that can be reinvested into community projects and services. This symbiotic relationship between government and commerce further strengthens the local economy.

Digital screens also require less maintenance, so after the initial set-up they can be controlled and updated remotely. When compared to static signage which requires regular updating and maintenance, they offer a more cost effective and environmentally friendly solution to regular re-printing and fitting of traditional signage.

Screens built for commercial use

Our range of digital advertising and wayfinding screens are designed specifically for commercial use, so house top of the range components that are designed to be used 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Each screen comes with a 3 year warranty and FREE lifetime technical support. We have a team of installers who are available to offer a full installation package and our team of in-house designers who can design your screen content for you.


The integration of digital screens into town and city centers represents a forward-thinking approach to urban development. These screens empower local governments to communicate effectively, engage their communities, and support economic growth. As we continue to embrace technological advancements, investing in digital infrastructure proves to be not only beneficial but essential for creating vibrant, connected, and thriving local communities.

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