It’s a healthy sign when you put the safety of your people and places first.

Let’s clear the air

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With all we’ve learned about pandemics, viral load and hygiene over the last year, it’s little wonder all eyes are on how we can go further to keep our people, our workplaces and public spaces clean, protected and safe.

It all has to start with the air we breathe.

Now, more than ever, we want to be sure that our indoor environments are fresh, comfortable and free of the harmful pollutants and infectious aerosols that can trigger respiratory infections, allergies and asthma and, worse, transmit the viruses we’re so desperate to be rid of. The consequential sick days and newfound unease associated with less than squeaky clean spaces aren’t just detrimental to your teams and workplace wellness, they’re bad for business too.

Thanks to a revolutionary new air purification system designed by Durst, one of the world’s foremost high-tech pioneers, Signbox now has the cleanest of air, your people, their productivity and your bottom line and brand covered.

durst habitat clean air system

Introducing Clean Air – a healthy sign of your commitment to workplace safety

Signbox has trusted Durst and its super-advanced digital printing and production technologies and processes for decades. Now we’re going further with Clean Air – a stunningly beautiful and game-changing air purification system that’s new and exclusive to Signbox.

Clean Air is a groundbreaking air disinfection system that’s available in two striking models and suitable for every environment. It’s designed to reduce the viral load in indoor spaces and it looks every bit as ingenious as the technology that drives it.

durst habitat clean air system

The science bit

Clean Air relies on an airflow-optimised design that continuously draws infectious air in, guiding it past high-performance UV-C light sources through mirrored channels. Its fluid dynamics work on super-long exposure times that mean the air within the channels is totally irradiated. Powerful UV-C lamps render germs, bacteria and viruses inactive – instantly, leaving just a continual release of heavenly purified air.

Good to know

Unlike traditional air purifiers that rely on high maintenance HEPA filters, Clean Air uses UV-C technology that means device airflows are completely obstruction-free –resulting in running costs that are at least 75% lower.

Both models use UV-C lamps with a 9000h-life span and, with washable antiviral textile surfaces, Clean Air is ultra-efficient and virtually maintenance free. It’s also reassuringly ozone free and whisper quiet.

Clean Air has been meticulously tested by independent, accredited European test laboratories. The result: a breathtaking air purification effectiveness of more than 99% when it comes to eliminating viruses – and we all know what that means.

Your first step to a safer, cleaner environment – and it’s got your name all over it

Clean Air is a powerful preventative measure in the fight against viral load, but it can do wonders for your brand and corporate messaging too. The fabric on both sides of the device can be designed and printed individually with easily updated, branded media or imagery that really gets the message home. 

Clean Air is, without doubt, an exquisite architectural statement piece – and when you’ve incorporated your branding onto its elegant back-lit antiviral surface, you’ll want it out front and centre.

Whether you choose to position yours in a reception area, boardroom, public communal area or relaxation station, Signbox can design and customise your Clean Air system to complement your environment. Replacement custom printed panels that can carry branding, information or advertising messages can be supplied for just £200.

Room for everyone, everywhere

Clean Air is made for any environment where people should feel safe and protected. From education, healthcare and hospitality spaces to public buildings and corporate workplaces, Clean Air is designed to cater for all room sizes and any number of people in them.   

durst habitat clean air system

Spatial awareness has taken on a whole new meaning now – it means we all want to feel good in the places we work in, study in, visit and relax and unwind in. We all want to feel confident that our environments are keeping us safe. When we do, we work harder and relax more easily. We feel happier. Everything just feels, well, great.

And we should know, we’re always first to practice what we preach. Clean Air is working its pure magic for the Signbox team and, yes, it really is a healthy sign.

If you want to find out more about Clean Air and how you can put the protection of your people, your places and your bottom line first, contact Signbox on +44 (0)1784 438688. Alternatively, visit the Signbox Shop to explore the Clean Air range.

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