Digital wayfinding – transforming visitor journeys and customer experiences

When it’s unfamiliar territory, we all just want to get from A to B with the minimum of fuss. When there’s no receptionist to meet and greet or a total information overload from myriad sources, the uncertainty about reaching B can be stressful and leave the whole customer experience tainted to the point of no return.

There is another way: when it comes to wayfinding, we could all do with a little more screen time.

The key benefits of digital wayfinding

The real art of digital wayfinding – the fusion of powerful digital signage and seamless signposting – lies in its versatility and intuitiveness. A screen can welcome, inform, convey an instruction, direct and alert. The journey from entrance to departure and everything in between is secure, safe and reassuringly easy to follow with graphics and branding that compliments the surroundings and enforces the corporate identity.

That’s great news for visiting guests and customers, but the star attraction is the ease with which a digital wayfinding system is managed by the host. Whatever the message, from advertisements and broadcasts to weather updates and breaking news, all content change be changed, rerouted and updated with a click.

This is effortless content management. Content can be scheduled and disseminated across a multi-screen digital display network via the cloud, all the time sitting in harmony with an interior designed scheme, yet with the impact necessary to galvanise engagement. There’s a credible ROI to be exploited too; advertising revenues with relevant, on-brand calls to action are there for the screening.

The result: visitors like what they see, they move around the space with confidence on a journey that will warrant a return trip. Association with the brand inspires loyalty and sales – and an altogether more satisfying customer experience.

Customised, integrated digital wayfinding that’s designed for your space

Whatever your environment, sector, footfall or expectation, digital signage has a solution to find a way to meet it. Signbox designs all elements to create a completely customised digital wayfinding solution that’s integrated with your brand, your building and the response you want to achieve.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

Point of Sales (POS) digital display screens

Compact, yet visible, Signbox digital touch screen displays are perfect for a wide range of settings everywhere for everything from hotel check-ins and restaurant menus to meeting room bookings and museum information. Take a closer look at this 10” android digital display that delivers interactive wayfinding straight to your fingertips.

Giant touch screen tablet displays

Featuring state-of-the-art Projective Capacitive (PCAP) interactive technology, Signbox giant tablet touch screens are commercial displays that offer intuitive, seamless customer interaction. Available in a range of screen sizes from 22” to 55”, they’re great for education, retail and hospitality spaces as plug-and-play or CMS-managed systems.

Freestanding digital display screen posters

These giant slimline tablet screen posters are the latest in touch screen technology and equipped with 10-point PCAP. Ideal for educational environments, retail and travel networks, Signbox 50” and 55” freestanding digital touch screen posters can be used as plug-and-play or with a CMS upgrade.

If touch screen interactivity isn’t required, Signbox’s HD LCD black freestanding digital screen posters are designed to display impactful messaging, advertising and static images in a wide range of internal spaces.

Digital PCAP touch screen kiosks

Signbox digital PCAP touch screen kiosks are a stylish solution for commercial applications where a lot of data has to be disseminated and digested comfortably. Floor standing in landscape or portrait mode, install this in retail and corporate spaces and you’ll deliver over 70,000 hours of continuous 24/7 use.

Next-gen digital wayfinding with AI

Look to the future with artificial intelligence (AI) and the opportunities for a completely tailored experience are endless. Think personalised messaging, facial and number plate recognition along with room temperature and air quality sensors and it’s not hard to underestimate the welcoming power of next-gen digital wayfinding technology.

Screen test your digital wayfinding solution with Signbox

Today, Signbox digital wayfinding systems are already transforming visitor journeys and dramatically enhancing the customer experience. From a single display screen in a retail shop to a network of digital touch screen posters across a busy transport hub, Signbox designs and integrates digital wayfinding solutions that inspire people to come back.

If you’re considering a digital signage and wayfinding scheme for your building or space, please get in touch with our team on 44 (0) 1784 438 688 or visit and we’ll introduce to a whole new visitor experience. 

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