Digital technology to revolutionise traditional wayfinding

Gone are the days when you had to pull out a map (and fight with the folds!) to find your way around a new place. With the advent of digital technology, wayfinding has become a lot easier and more efficient.  Digital technology such as digital screens, e-paper displays and NFC have revolutionized the wayfinding process and made it more accessible for everyone.

Traditional, hard signage is perfect for wayfinding. It will always have a place in guiding users to and from their destination, but adding digital to the mix brings about new and exciting possibilities.

Digital screens are perhaps the most common type of digital wayfinding technology and their increase in popularity over the last few years is down to the simplicity of displaying real-time information at the click of a button.  Commonly used in public spaces such as airports and train stations, they are also incredibly popular in shopping centres and for wayfinding in museums.  The ability to combine real-time wayfinding and event information alongside advertising slots brings a whole host of opportunities to businesses.

Available in a huge selection of sizes, designs and with indoor and outdoor options, digital screens are incredibly versatile and technological advancements makes them perfect for even the brightest of locations such as shop windows.  We offer a complete range of digital screens that can be found here.

E-paper displays are a new technology that’s increasing popularity can be put down to the incredible battery life they offer and ability to run off solar power. Available in a range of sizes and designs, e-paper displays are commonly used to communicate real-time information such as timetables at bus stops and train stations.  They offer a longer battery life than any other display technology and can be updated from a central CMS system, allowing complete control over the content on display.

NFC is a popular technology that has been around for a number of years now and allows two devices to communicate wirelessly over a short range. This technology has been incorporated into smartphones and with a simple tap of a phone onto an NFC sensor, information such as wayfinding can be instantly provided direct to the phone.  A great option for wayfinding signage is to incorporate one of the tiny sensors into the signage so people have the option of tapping and having access to a wayfinding map, or event information directly to their mobile. A great option for airports or train stations, where navigating through terminals and gates can get confusing.

In conclusion, digital technology has the ability to revolutionise the wayfinding process and act as the perfect compliment to traditional hard wayfinding signage.  Combining the two mediums will result in the perfect portfolio of wayfinding displays and create engaging and easy to navigate environments, which are accessible to all.

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