Choosing the right fire exit signs – what you need and where you need it

In the event of an emergency, would everyone in your building know what to do? If a fire broke out, getting everyone out quickly and safely is critical. That’s why the importance of a coherent – and compliant – fire sign strategy throughout a building should never be underestimated.

Many of us pass by the familiar green and red fire signage that adorn the walls, rooms, corridors, lifts and lobbies of our buildings every day. We might not take much notice, but we should instinctively know how to act if a fire or other emergency were to occur. We’ve become accustomed to the simple, instructive iconography on these signs and the psychology of colour that indicates red usually means ‘stop’ and ‘danger’ while green represents ‘go’ and ‘safety’.

These facts may be a given, but without the right fire safety signs in your building, you’ll be playing with fire if your workforce needs to vacate it fast. You’ll also be risking non-compliance with The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 and a hefty fine. Moreover, you could face prosecution if you fail to have specific, highly visible fire and safety signs in all the right places. 

How to choose the right fire exit signs

Signbox has designed and manufactured a comprehensive range of high-quality fire exit and safety signs for every workplace. All are BS EN ISO 7010:2020 compliant – you’ll find them in the online Signbox shop where you can order every fire exit sign you need.

A breakdown of our bestselling fire exit signs, safety signs and emergency escape signs

Signbox non-illuminated fire exit signs

Our budget-friendly, non-illuminated fire exit signs are easy to install and will ensure you and your building are safety sign-compliant and your workforce adequately protected.

Our rigid 3mm white Foamex fire exit safety signs with directional green arrows are tough, elegant and very cost-effective. Wall mount them easily with tape or order single or double-sided printed options for ceiling mounting with our FE Blade ceiling-fixed suspension kits. They’re available in a great range of sizes.

Our FE Magfix heavy duty magnetic support fixings make light work of our Foamex ceiling-suspended and wall-mounted fire exit and safety signs too. These are perfect for Cat A fit outs where fire signage positions are subject to change in the event of Cat B tenant improvements and can be relocated without damage to the metal ceiling pan. They are available in a range of sizes and choice of single or double-sided print.

For contemporary interior design and architecture, there’s FE Xblock – robust silver-anodised extruded aluminium fixings for our 5mm glass-effect silica Green Cast acrylic signs. FE Signslot is an alternative 19mm diameter silver anodised aluminium profile fixing kit that supports the 5mm silica panel. Both are available in a range of sizes, single or double-sided and for both wall or ceiling mountings.

Signbox photoluminescent fire exit signs

Signbox photoluminescent glow-in-the-dark fire exit signs are easy to see and understand – even in low light or failed power scenarios.

Choose from 3mm white Foamex fire exit signs or 5mm glass-look clear acrylic panel fire exit signs. Options include FE Blade fixings, FE Magfix heavy duty magnetic support fixings for ceiling suspended fire exit signs, FE Xblock or FE Project wall or ceiling mountings.

All are available in a range of sizes with single or double-sided graphics. They’re suitable for external use with a life of eight years and meet DIN-67510PI requirements for luminosity of afterglow and life cycle.

Signbox LED illuminated fire exit signs

When it comes to lifespan, there’s no better alternative than Signbox LED illuminated fire exit signs. Each sign has a rated life of approximately 50,0000 hours, operates on low voltage DC and has a five-hour emergency battery back-up – invaluable in the event of a power failure. All Signbox illuminated fire exit signs conform to BS EN ISO standards.

Our illuminated fire exit signs come in 8mm and 10mm thick silica acrylic panels with laser engraved and printed graphics. They’re ready to fit to walls and ceilings using FE LED Signslot, FE Flag and FE Signblock (in silver anodised or brass) fixings and represent our premium fire exit safety sign range.

Fire exit signage – are you compliant with current legislation?

If you’re responsible for your commercial premises, you’ll know you must remain compliant with current fire safety signage legislation – but do you know exactly what you need and where your fire exit signs should go? The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996 applies to safety signage while The BS EN ISO 7010:2020 legislation standardises the look and meaning of safety signs in all workplaces in the UK.

There are four key types of fire safety signs to be aware of:

Fire action notice safety signs explain what people should do in the event of a fire. All workplaces should display a Fire Action Notice, which will usually have space to fill in information specific to its location. They’re usually blue, red and green.

 Fire exit routes, doors and assembly points safety signs are green directional signs, mandatory blue ‘fire door, keep shut’ and green designated assembly areas, set away from the building, respectively.

Fire equipment signs are red to alert occupants where equipment that can be used to fight different fires is located. Such equipment is likely to include fire extinguishers, hose reels, dry risers and fire alarm call points. Prohibition signs can also be red and are positioned in locations that are at risk of fire. They’re usually circular with a diagonal red band that signifies a ‘do not’ warning.

Warning / Hazard signs are usually yellow and black and signify the presence of dangerous flammable substances or trip hazards for example.

Depending on the layout of your building, all or some of these types of fire safety signs will certainly be mandatory and it’s your responsibility to ensure you have them all covered.

Signbox recommends reading the legislation linked above. If you’re unsure if you’re meeting your building’s compliance with fire safety law, we can help – call the team on +44 01784 438688 today.

If you’re ready to order your fire exit signs, please visit the Signbox shop to check out our non-illuminated, photoluminescent and LED illuminated fire exit signs and take the next step to protect your workforce and your building.

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