Croxley Green Business Park is a unique thriving business village recently acquired by Greenhill Real Estate Ltd. Their vision is to create a state of the art business site in terms of energy efficiency and general working environment. Changing the external signage system was Greenhill Real Estate’s first priority as the existing one was cluttered, visually poor and dated.

Signbox were asked to create a fresh contemporary wayfinding system and distinctive main entrance signs to reflect the ethos of the business site, and display the corporate colours of Greenhill Real Estate Ltd.

To create a distinctive landmark sign at the entrance of the site, Signbox designed an impressive stainless steel 7.5 metre monolith. By incorporating Lumisheet, the world’s first BLU (back light unit) with an energy efficient LED light source, Signbox could illuminate the green corporate logo. Further contrast was achieved by using LED Halo illuminating fabricated letters, made from descaled stainless steel, alongside smaller stencil cut stainless steel letters to create a 3d effect.

To welcome and efficiently direct visitors to their destination, Signbox designed another large scale stainless steel monolith to display an attractive site plan of the business park. For simplicity, Signbox clearly numbered each office building and highlighted key landmarks such as the nature reserve.

Digitally printed graphics, in shades of Greenhill Real Estate’s corporate green, on toughened glass produced a contemporary glossy finish to the keyplan. For maximum visual impact Signbox used internal fixed Lumisheet panels to illuminate the logo and key plan.

Once the key plan had been agreed Signbox could design the rest of the wayfinding scheme. This involved clear and concise double sided signs to display the office building sign numbers. For continuity of design, Signbox used stainless steel panels to construct elegant signage structures and incorporated Lumisheet to backlight the Greenhill logo and building number.

For the tenants’ signs, it was necessary for Signbox to create a flexible signage system that could be easily updated. This was achieved by using stainless steel trays secured to stainless steel posts with a secret allen key fixing. A combination of single and double sided graphics was used to display tenant details and building numbers. To enhance the sign and provide ambient lighting, LED was integrated within the design.

One of the main features of Croxley Business Park is its huge car parking facility, which has 2,500 spaces. Therefore, it was necessary for Signbox to continue its wayfinding scheme into this vast area and produce car park identification signs and display height restrictions.

Through innovative use of material and modern LED technology Signbox created a simple but stylish wayfinding scheme featuring unique architectural signage. The stainless steel and corporate leaf green finish is in keeping with the natural environment of the business park but introduces contemporary sculpture to the landscape. The low energy consumption of LED and durability of stainless steel meet the original objectives of Greenhill Real Estate Ltd in creating a sustainable business park.