AskCody internal wayfinding app

Never get lost again!

You have arrived at a large building and can’t find your meeting?  Sounds familiar?

AskCody Wayfinder is a smartphone app that will guide you to the right room, the right conference, the right person or to a point of interest.

And Signbox is delighted to announce that we have been appointed sole UK dealer for AskCody.

AskCody Wayfinder shows maps, information and lots more.  It lets you choose your destination and then guides you to it, including accessibility routing, so you can follow directions from your phone as you walk.

For multiple buildings such as campuses, the Wayfinder can move outside and navigate you around the area.

To save you even more time and get you to your destination even more painlessly, AskCody integrates with leading calendar systems such as Outlook, Microsoft 365, Google etc

From the room management perspective, AskCody Wayfinder ensures your visitors find their venue quickly reducing frustration and time wasting.

For more information, have a look at the AskCody Wayfinder video.

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