Are your signs fit for winter?

Making sure your exterior signage is in good condition and signs are fit for winter is critical for your business. Check your signs are structurally sound and fit for purpose as the legal responsibility for regular sign maintenance and inspection rests with the sign owner. It is a minimum requirement that any external sign is maintained and fixings checked for safety on an annual basis. Ad hoc inspections should also be made following adverse weather conditions such as high winds or heavy snow etc.

In the unlikely event of a sign failure resulting in damage, injury or death, the sign owner could face criminal proceedings if regular maintenance and inspection checks have not been carried out and properly recorded.

The checklist we provided last autumn holds true this time as well. Ask yourself the questions below to assess if you need to refresh your signage. Get in touch for a free consultation if you think your building’s signage could be better prepared for winter.

  • Is your signage on-brand, relevant and truly reflective of your business?
  • Has it suffered storm damage, leaks or illumination failure?
  • Are your sign substrates UV damaged or looking washed out and tired?
  • It is the sign-owner’s legal responsibility to check structural integrity. Have you?
  • Is all signage clean from bird droppings, graffiti and tree detritus?
  • Do your signs comply with best-practice legibility?
  • Are your signs easy to update with text changes?
  • Is your illumination energy efficient?
  • Have you considered LED signage for security lighting?
  • Is your signage best positioned?

One of our recent installations of architectural signage was the Dakota building.

For the top of the entrance portico and to each elevation we’ve constructed and installed skyline signage and at street level we’ve added a fabricated perimeter sign and car park entrance monolith. All of the external signs were powder coated stainless steel with LED illumination, controlled by solar switch – not only a cost-efficient solution but also effective for the business. The new signage is now promoting the building come rain or shine!

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