Glass finishes – Fasara makes light work of doing incredible things with glass

Fasara Window Film from 3M has a spectacular effect on glass. It’s a state-of-the-art, printed manifestation film that has the capacity to transform a glazed element into a stunning visual feast. Transparency and versatility meets easy-on-the-eye and a world of incredible decorative designs in which finishes are inspired by fabric, nature and a palette of unique contemporary concepts. All offer the aesthetic potency of sandblasted, etched, cut or textured glass, but at a fraction of the cost.

Fasara is an elegant, long-lasting solution for architectural glass arrangements, encouraging them to retain and transmit natural daylight to connect the inside space with the outside world. Its applications are endless, from hospitality and wellness environments to retail and corporate workspaces – anywhere where doors, partitions, windows and mirrors need to work harder to heighten the senses, boost productivity and create impact.

This innovative glass manifestation solution offers privacy when it’s needed, safety and protection every time and the reassurance of 3M’s durable adhesives that bond surfaces quickly and effortlessly. Application is easy and fast enough to eliminate business interruption, ensuring the project is completed more swiftly and seamlessly than you ever thought possible.

All this and the world’s most reassuring glass manifestation properties

3M’s Fasara glass design series features some of the world’s most reassuring properties. Fashioned from a premium polyester film that’s available in over 100 beautiful designs, Fasara is the ultimate in safety and durability.

It holds fire safety certification and incorporates a pressure-sensitive acrylate adhesive that can hold breaking glass together and reduce UV radiation by up to 99%. Fasara is also easy to clean and maintain by using water without any abrasive detergents and will reward you with a service life of up to 10 years.

Signbox’s glass manifestation schemes are designed to delight and inspire with fabulous effects from subtle shadings and graduations to bold opaques and branded messages. Whatever the objective, wherever the space, Signbox has the solution to transform, inspire and create the ultimate visual impact.

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