Enriching educational sign solutions that engage and inspire

Educational signage design is a key investment that shapes our schools, colleges and universities and enriches the lives of the students, residents and the local businesses which interact with them. Signbox educational sign solutions are designed to enhance institutions and their landscapes and help students, teachers and visitors engage with their facilities and each other more instinctively. We have a passion for refining educational environments through tailored, exciting signage solutions and it’s underpinned by a commitment to invest in their capacity to inspire, connect and share with the wider communities these institutions serve. We have an extension collection of signs suitable for educational sector on our online shop, but if you need any other custom made signage or display solutions send us your requirements. For more information about Educational Signage Solutions, please click here for our ebrochure. Or call us now on: 44 (0) 1784 438688

stimulating signage for education

Wayfinding signage should inform, stimulate and impart a sense of security within unfamiliar, unknown surroundings, and it should be clear to all. So, we’ve implemented a colour-coded signage system for education that combines large format graphics and intuitive designs that create an immediate, stunning visual impact.

Naturally, we follow best practice guidelines to provide accessible, DDA-compliant signs for use in and around educational institutions and have developed a number of specialist processes that include information display in tactile and Braille formats.

Our internal and external modular sign systems for education provide dependable, flexible and highly cost-effective solutions to help students and visitors navigate campus environments intuitively.

In addition to delivering signs that are functional, durable and stylish, our project managers work closely with educational leaders to design schemes that meet branding demands too.

Effective signage will always form an intrinsic part of a cohesive corporate identity scheme, particularly within today’s competitive framework where forwarding-thinking educational organisations are under pressure to project the right image, everywhere.