3D. A matter of Innovation.

When it comes to product design and manufacturing, speed and precision is everything. You want to get your product designed and developed accurately, made and out to market as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Delays can cost money, reputations and contracts – and when budgets are already facing the squeeze, testing the timeline just isn’t feasible.

Signbox has been leading the way with our own award-winning brand of innovative signage product design and manufacture for 35 years and it’s fair to say we’ve learnt a thing or two about getting not just our products to market efficiently – but our ideas too.

Adding a new dimension to the Signbox mix

It’s all down to 3D parametric modelling and our creative heroes who harness its powers to expand their ingenuity, to perfect and speed our solutions to market and to give our clients an exciting new dimension when it comes to visualising a concept before the production switch is set.

In short, 3D CAD (computer-aided design) enables us to capture the intent of the concept and use feature-based modelling tools to make it work. We can easily manipulate the attributes of the design, for example, by adjusting a curve on an architectural monolith or totem sign or changing the dimensions for a customised fire exit door sign, and all associated parameters are adjusted automatically.

In practice, this means that if a client has a change of heart and wants to rethink materials, shape, colours or size, we can do it instantly. But more than that, thanks to next-gen visualisation tools with photo-realistic rendering, we can present a perfect representation on screen, rotate it and spin it for stunning effect and a 3D perspective that leaves our clients spellbound and their designs ready for optimal quality manufacture.

And so the CAD journey continues into CAM (computer-aided manufacturing) and sees our design files fed straight into our production line minus the traditional lead times and costs that would otherwise impact this and every other step of the process.

Anything is possible with 3D parametric modelling

We’ll leave the final word of our Brand and Innovation Designer and resident 3D parametric modelling expert, Sarah Gray.

‘Signbox is all about being dynamic – from our attitude and energy to our processes and evolutionary approach to our work. What 3D parametric modelling does for us is to reinforce the bond between our creativity, agility and dynamics and take it further for the benefit of our clients and their products. We’re proving that anything is possible with 3D every day.’

If you want to find out how Signbox’s 3D design capabilities can help you, please contact us on +44 (0)1784 438688 or email our team.

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