Signbox puts jewels in the crown at Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa

Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, is the only internationally branded luxury resort in Cyprus. Set within 25 acres of beautifully landscaped gardens, this fabulous newly built five-star hotel is the jewel in the crown of Limassol’s premier resort.

Signbox was invited to tender for a wide-ranging internal and external signage scheme that would stay faithful to a respected global brand and reflect the prestige of the new Parklane estate. Thanks to a powerful response to the client’s signage proposal and a visit to Signbox’s manufacturing facilities in the UK, which assured the client of our capabilities and experience, the contract was developed further and award to us to deliver.

Impressive interior and exterior hotel signs

The Parklane project would require a raft of internal signage that called for a mix of glass, timber and brass materials with a complex and time-consuming surface print process. Meanwhile, the resort’s exterior signage requirements included a series of illuminated totems with specialist finishes that would ensure it could accommodate the extreme temperatures of this eastern Mediterranean island.

With a manufacturing base set thousands of miles away from the client location and an exacting specification that demanded sophisticated treatments, fulfilling the Parklane project to our renowned rigorous standards would present various problems. However, thanks to the skills of our project team who successfully articulated every detail of the scheme during a single visit to the Limassol site, Signbox finalised the enhanced Parklane drawings, which were endorsed by the client without further ado.

The resort’s external signage elements were to comprise eye-catching entrance, directional and wayfinding signage and safety notices – all relying on a consistent colour palette that reflected the client’s distinctive brand to best effect. The illuminated totem signs that were positioned across the Parklane estate were engineered with stainless steel subframes and stencil-cut aluminium trays that featured a specialist paint finish to counter Limassol’s punishing heat, push-through acrylic lettering and Sloane LEDs.

Inside the resort’s hotel, Parklane’s beautiful room and suite signage, directional signs and safety notices were manufactured using a mixture of 10mm and 6mm toughened glass, which was back-painted with either solid walnut or lacquered brass edge details. A series of contemporary pictograms completed the scheme. Again, the client’s hallmark identity was applied throughout and the resulting look and feel is elegant and reassuringly familiar.

A successful project

The project was not without its challenges; not least since the design and manufacturing process was conducted in the UK, thousands of miles from the Limassol site where the installation took place. Acquiring the specified materials also proved a challenging task; the external illuminated totems required a bespoke paint finish that would be durable with the intense UV exposure and with specialist training required to paint. On-site, securing a power supply and concrete for the totems meant liaising closely with other contractors; working with local trades during the installation within a tightly controlled timeframe could potentially have been insurmountable without meticulous project management.

Final word must go to our determined project team whose tasks on the Parklane scheme were predominantly focussed outdoors – together, they worked tirelessly in extreme conditions to complete the scheme within the timescale demanded and according to the client’s discriminating specification.

There is more

Having completed the principle wayfinding, we later engaged with the building manager to produce additional glass wayfinding and statutory signs, subject to operational requirements. Also, digitally printed manifestation films with a white gradient for privacy were used to mask roof-top air conditioning units and associated pipework. All this involved a further dedication install visit whilst the hotel was in occupation.

Today, Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, is a stunning new development that has been further enhanced by a considered, on-brand approach to what is now a ubiquitous signage scheme. The result is a consistent and very sophisticated suite of beautifully engineered signs that create a memorable impression for guests to the resort.

It was a pleasure working with SIGNBOX during all stages of the project. The whole team is customer-oriented, flexible and understanding. They realised the complexity of the project, our specific needs in every area and were soon to offer suggestions and always delivered in a professional manner. We enjoyed working with everyone from their sales team to the installers and with SIGNBOX you feel that you have a real partner, not just a supplier.

George Koukoulakis, Director of Rooms, Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa, Limassol

You’ll see many of the signs manufactured by Signbox on the official website of Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa.

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