Vast digital glazing and Modular Sign System solution for Oliver Wyman

Following their move into the recently refurbished premises at 55 Baker Street, London, International Management Consulting firm Oliver Wyman required new signage and manifestations for their meeting rooms and offices.

In order to implement DEGW architects initial design proposals for the signage, Signbox’s expertise was enlisted. The vision was to cover 440sq metres of glazed partitions with a manifestation design comprising a series of 2mm thick lines. The privacy area was to have the lines 1mm apart with the space between the lines increasing at the top and bottom.

Using a traditional etched effect vinyl for this particular project wasn’t an option as the lines were too thin to be CAD cut and installed accurately in a straight line. It was imperative that the application matched the vision, so Signbox suggested using its new innovative and optically clear product, digital glazing.

Digital glazing, a form of ‘transparent wallpaper for glass’, was initially created for the UK office fit-out market, where its creative potential, ease of installation and enhanced safety features have been enthusiastically embraced by designers and clients alike.

A unique product, digital glazing eliminates the need for the double handling of glass, (glass factory – printing works – site installation) which some traditional glass decoration techniques require. By using digital glazing the desired effect was achieved and the lines looked like they had been printed directly onto the glass. The spacing of the lines determines the view through the glass, for example, when tightly packed together the view is obscured to offer privacy but then the lines disperse and only the odd line is visible to offer crystal clear vision.

“This high level of design flexibility could only have been attained by using the fine print quality acheived on our Durst Omega 2. It really is an unbeatable product in terms of quality and ability to create totally original designs,” says Neil.

To complete the project, Signbox used its Modular Sign System for the wayfinding and door signs in keeping with the rest of the interior.