EN7010 safety sign standard – a code of practice not legal requirement

In 2003, ISO 7010 was introduced, a new international standard for safety signs using pictograms that could be easily understood by everyone, regardless of their language, culture or ability.  In the years that followed, this standard was simply regarded as a ‘best practice recommendation’ and was largely ignored in the UK as most British companies adhered to our own BS5499 standard.

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Signbox invests in new print technology

The Omega 2 is truly next generation large format print technology and marks a significant step forward from the Omega 1 Signbox purchased two years ago.  The new model retains Omega 1’s capability to print at industry-leading 1728 dpi fine art quality but with a wider colour gamut such as grey, light magenta and light cyan.  The Omega 2 can print on virtually any material with the same superb print quality and offers a 65% power saving over conventional UV bulb technology.  Undoubtedly the key benefit of the new Omega is its ink drying method which uses UV-LED technology to make it possible to print on heat sensitive materials and colours.

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Signbox EG – truly environmental

Greenguard certified products must meet stringent chemical emissions requirements, such as being screened for more than 10000 volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Products have to undergo re-certification and quality monitoring tests on a regular basis to maintain this elite credential.

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NFC – the smartest tool in the box

Signbox forms strategic alliance with Proxama to develop smart poster business

Signbox and Proxama will announce a powerful strategic alliance in smart poster development at the Retail Business Technology Expo (RBTE) 2013 at London’s Earls Court, which runs from 12th to 13th March 2013.

Signbox is one of the UK’s leading sign manufacturers and has firmly established itself at the forefront of proximity marketing thanks to its revolutionary Enlighten NFC smart poster solution. Stylish, eye-catching and ideally suited to both internal and external environments, Enlighten back-lit NFC smart posters are making waves within the communication and marketing industries, which are seeing this as the future of customer and brand engagement.

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Digital Wallpaper and Environment Graphics for Board Rooms not Bored Rooms

More and more organisations are adopting a bold approach to create inspirational working or sales environments, recognising that the ambience of the workplace – how it looks and feels – will affect staff, customers, visitors and stakeholders. Signbox’s EG Division is at the forefront of these positive developments in the workplace with digital wallpaper produced from high-resolution imagery.

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