Moving nearer to an NFC world

Near Field Communication (NFC) is a technology that makes it possible for NFC-enabled smartphones, tablets and other devices to establish radio communication with unpowered NFC chips. It is embedded in anything from credit card terminals to posters – simply by touching them together or bringing them into close proximity.

The most commonly used NFC applications to date have been contactless credit cards, ticketing systems such as the Oyster card in London, and access cards for office buildings, libraries and universities. However, as adoption of the technology grows, endless marketing applications are being made possible by NFC too.

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Design, manufacture and installation of corporate and wayfinding signage

Signbox has completed the design, manufacture and installation of corporate branding and wayfinding signage at Harbour Exchange, near Canary Wharf in London.

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AskCody internal wayfinding app

Signbox is UK distributor for AskCody including Wayfinder, a smartphone app that will navigate you to your destination within buildings and on campuses.

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PixQuick – the affordable but stylish information display solution

The frameless design gives the product a stylish, contemporary appearance and the front panel can be opened in either direction for quick and easy changing of the content, so it’s perfect for frequently updated information; and with prices starting at just £8 PixQuick is exceptional value too.

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Signbox promotes wellbeing at 100% design 2013

The StepJockey website and app has been cleverly devised so that any set of stairs can be mapped and rated for calorie burn in seconds.

Once stairs are rated free posters that display calorie burn information, along with health messages, can be printed off from the website. Alternatively, companies can order more sophisticated ‘smart signs’. The intelligent design of the signage has been created in conjunction with Signbox, the award-winning sign manufacturer.

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