StepJockey NFC smart signs and posters to encourage a healthy workplace

Signbox has teamed up with StepJockey in an exciting initiative that will see Signbox NFC (Near Field Communications) smart signs and posters positioned in buildings around the UK to help its workforces keep fit, reduce weight and track their progress on – an innovative, stair-climbing programme.

The StepJockey initiative prompts greater physical activity and improved wellbeing within workplaces by labelling stairs and walkways for ‘calorie burn’. StepJockey’s field trials have already revealed individuals are burning, on average, an additional 200 kcals per week simply by making the more physical switch, a move that will lead to other health benefits as a direct result.

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Signbox sits at the forefront of proximity marketing thanks to its revolutionary Enlighten smart poster solution, which is designed to engage consumers to interact with smart poster campaigns. The StepJockey initiative is taking this interaction a step further by enabling people to simply tap the StepJockey smart sign with their smartphone every time they use the stairs to track and enter their results in what looks set to become a revolutionary, crowd-sourced public health platform.

StepJockey can also have direct and positive impact on the management of high-rise buildings and corporate estates because it naturally reduces demand on lift and escalator systems. This leads to reduced lift congestion and waiting times, improved way-finding, carbon savings and improved fire-safety.

Using smart posters to track performance increases engagement

The response to the trials that were conducted in several large office buildings has, to date, been remarkable. In more than 250,000 recorded stair/lift journeys, StepJockey reported that 92% of new stair climbers said it would become a habit and that the ability for individuals to track and compare their progress increased their stair usage five-fold – eight-fold when a financial incentive was offered. There was also no reported evidence of an increase in calorie consumption or sedentary behaviour to compensate for the increased physical activity.

According to StepJockey, ‘those most influenced were in the harder-to-reach groups who, while overweight, didn’t normally engage in sports, a key factor being that stair climbing requires no physical prowess or special equipment and can be engaged in without fear of embarrassment. It was clear from the trial that the ability to use smart posters to track and compare performance greatly increases engagement and performance’.

The initial trials took place in commercial office buildings, but Signbox smart signs in apartments and public buildings look set to yield equally positive results for the StepJockey initiative. Indeed, one county council has already agreed to use smart posters to label its environment for calorie burn in its public health strategy. Corporate interest has been particularly interesting; organisations are identifying with this highly visible initiative as a means of meeting its Corporate and Social Responsibility agenda as a form of a corporate wellbeing programme.

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