HD digital signage for wayfinding, advertising and multimedia display

Display all manner of media in spectacular, branded style

Digital signage is a truly dynamic medium. It puts on a show, engages with impact and communicates and conveys all manner of media in unique, branded and tailored style across display screens that project in ways that conventional media messaging just can’t touch. Content is customised with text, graphics and video that shouts, schmoozes or just speaks spectacularly.

Signbox says it with electronic signage that packs a presentation punch with integrated audio visual wizardry, stunning HD and a world of wide screen welcomes, wayfinds, advertises, displays information and more at events and locations in corporate, education, healthcare, retail, hotel and leisure environments. Our incredibly versatile media display screens are plug and play and undeniably powerful.

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Ingenious imagery that customers and specifiers love

Our remarkable range of display products is just one of a collection of solutions we’ve created for organisations that want to present and express themselves in a more coherent, more aspired style. We’re using it to help companies, buildings and estates across the world project themselves with the same ingenious imagery that other sign manufacturers are now measured by.

Our display solutions work because of the way we work. Our project managers invest time and energy getting to the heart of a building, its physical form and its people to create a sign scheme that answers questions of aesthetics, practicalities and corporate branding with consistency and grace. That’s why we’re the specifier’s first choice for schemes that encompass architectural signage, wayfinding signage, corporate identity signage and a whole range of exciting commercial signage solutions that suit the applications, environments and budgets of forward thinking organisations everywhere.