timber finger exterior signage

Timber Finger is yet another super-sustainable exterior signage system from our environmentally-friendly range that leaves both the landscape and conscience free from more traditionally imposing signage schemes.

Machined from a ‘2 clear or better’ grade of western red cedar, Timber Finger is extremely durable, a natural alternative to aluminium and ideally suited to landscaped settings. Supplied from a proven sustainable source and meeting class 1 requirements, cedar’s rich warm colour and texture promises a unique architectural statement that blends seamlessly with its environment.

Timber Finger can be supplied in either fingerpost or twin post format, supporting aluminium, composite timber or toughened glass panels. Characters can be routed into the profile with the finish left untreated to weather to an attractive silver grey patina or protected with pigmented finishes.

Illuminated signage that incorporates the industry’s most energy efficient lighting technologies can also be used to create an environmentally-sensitive impact. Signbox Timber Finger profiles can be machined with rebates for LED cable management where required.

Available in round section profiles of 130mm diameter and to any length of up to 3 metres, timber finger has a remarkably long service life of up to 25 to 30 years.

sustainable exterior signage systems

Exterior signage will often be the first contact that a visitor has with an organisation or estate. Signage schemes should welcome, inform, direct and protect, but that vital first impression also speaks volumes about what a company stands for and what it represents.

Commercial signage solutions demand a holistic, harmonised approach that addresses issues from aesthetics, navigation and corporate branding so we take time to analyse what the environment calls for before creating an architectural signage scheme that looks and feels right.

Signbox signs are designed to enhance their environment rather than dominate or impose on a landscape so our project managers work alongside building and estate owners, architects and specifiers to project both information and brand appropriately, yet consistently.

Our external signs are custom made to precise specifications that meet planning and building regulations, health and safety requirements and comply with accessibility and DDA directives.

We follow best practice guidelines throughout our sign design and manufacturing process and are proud of our work with products that are environmentally-friendly and originate from recycled or sustainable sources.

For more information about the Signbox range of exterior signage solutions, please download our pdf brochure.

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